NHS and Private Flu Jabs

NHS and private flu Vaccination

We are proud to be supporting the NHS with flu vaccination service. Eligible patients can get their flu vaccination at our pharmacy. We also offer private flu jabs if you don’t qualify for the NHS one.

Importance of flu Vaccination

Every year, flu outbreaks lead to hospitalizations, missed workdays, and a strain on healthcare resources in the UK. Certain groups, including the elderly, young children, pregnant women, and individuals with underlying health conditions, are particularly vulnerable to the severe effects of the flu. 

Flu vaccination is a fundamental aspect of public health and plays a pivotal role in preventing the spread of influenza.

Benefits of Flu vaccination

Flu vaccination offers a range of benefits that extend beyond personal health:

The flu vaccine helps with:

Flu vaccination is not just a personal choice; it’s a responsibility to the community’s well-being. By getting vaccinated, you contribute to a healthier environment, protect those who are at higher risk, and help prevent the strain on healthcare resources.

How can I book an appointment?
You can pre-book your appointment online. Follow the link below. If you have any questions, speak with a member of staff in-store.